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The Week of Pizza

My absolute favorite food in the world is pizza.  My family usually eats pizza every Friday night at  our favorite pizza joints. When I travel, I ‘m always on the hunt for that particular city’s best pizza gems.  Back in my high school years, Pizza Hut introduced the “buffet” at lunch time and I thought I died and went to heaven!  In the last 7 days I can say that I officially went overboard!

Last Friday, we did our usual ritual and went to Felini’s on Ponce and indulged in our “slice” of pizza.  I always get pepperoni, with banana peppers, and the kids get a cheese slice that is kids cut.

Saturday- There was an extra slice in the refrigerator that was very convenient for me to eat for lunch.

Monday- The kids requested that I make a chicken and broccoli pizza with pesto sauce.

Tuesday- I had a swim parent meeting so we, the parents, ordered Papa Johns pizza for the kids while we had our meeting.

Wednesday- We were invited to the VIP opening of Uncle Maddio’s pizza.  The pizza there is awesome and they offer a variety of crust, including gluten free, sauces, and fresh toppings.  If its free, it me!  (Anything to avoid having to cook!)  As I’ve told you before, I am a pizza connoisseur.  With that said, I highly recommend Uncle Maddio’s pizza.  It is very good, the menu offers great dinner salads as well and is affordable!

Thursday- Harley’s best friend’s grandmother asked could she take Harley to Pizza Hut after her swim lessons.  (Again, me avoiding having to cook, I sadly obliged.)

Friday- Of course we didn’t have pizza!

Saturday- We went to play date with our friends and on the menu for dinner was………PIZZA from Urban Pie in Kirkwood!

I can say for certain that pizza won’t be on the menu for a couple of weeks, but if offered I will seriously consider. Why? Because WE LOVE PIZZA….. Amen


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