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The Taste of Atlanta

I took on the brave task in attending the Taste of Atlanta with kids……and what an interesting day! Prior to this past weekend, I’d never been to The Taste of Atlanta.  As I get older, my pallet is growing, so I’ve been interested in trying some new things.

The most frustrating part of my day was just getting there.  There were several road blocks and detours.  Parking ranged from metered parking to the parking lots charging upward $10 to get one of the coveted spaces.  My experience has to do with (1) we got a late start, and (2) driving because it was advised that Marta was smarta…..

Once we secured a parking space and walked to the festival, checked in, and entered, my mouth dropped at how deep the festival was (both in size and number of people).  We arrived around 3:30 pm, so some of the sample items were scratched off because they were OUT! The great thing was that there was pizza.  You can never go wrong with a slice with kids.  I tried to get the girls to try some other foods.  Haven (7) went for it.  Harley…..not so much.  Lucky for me there was Johnny Rockets on deck with milkshakes….WINNING!

Some how we took a different route, probably because I was going away from the crowds, and ended up at the VIP area. I remembered that my media pass could get me access, and I noticed everyone was soooooo merry coming out of there.  The person at the entrance to the VIP area, with a big warm smile said “You’re welcome to come in, but everyone in your party must be 21.”  I realized right then why everyone was so happy! I looked down at my two munchkins and smiled and made the U-turn into the general population. I think I may have even heard the womp…womp…womp.  As a matter of fact, I know I did, at least in my head.

We headed over to the children’s area.  The girls really had fun making art with candy.  I had to set a time limit because there was still so much to see and they wanted to stay.  As we stood in line for a sample, the girls pretty much ate their artwork.  After that section we started walking down, what seemed to be this endless path of vendors. From french fries topped with different gravies, mac and cheese with toppings, chicken every way you can imagine, quail, LOTS OF SPIRITS, and shoving snack samples in my backpack, I got to taste Atlanta in a big way!

The stuff you need to know…..

  • It’s a great event to bring families to, but if you have more than one child, have another adult to accompany.
  • Arrive in the earlier part of the event, because towards the end of the day, restaurants run out of food.
  • It is advised that you take Marta, but if you do drive, have cash and change on hand to pay for parking.  Having cash will open your parking options.
  • VIP is the way to attend The Taste of Atlanta if going with adults only.  You only need a wristband and it’s all you can taste….and drink!
  • Bring a backpack to store all of the give-aways.
  • Bring water!  There are a few water stations, and there were hardly any drinks for sale that were non- alcoholic.


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