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Rockin’ With Disney

There are certain days that my daughters can count on that they KNOW will be uber special such as Christmas, birthdays, and when Disney on Ice comes to town!  Rather than get her uniform ready for school, Harley (4) will gather her Disney princess gear together, and strategize on which princess she is going to be for this year’s performance.  This year, Rapunzel won out.  We even got into an argument because she didn’t want to wear anything underneath the costume, and the matching plastic high heel shoes never had a chance!  There is no way I’m carrying 45 pounds through Phillips arena, and up several flights of steps in the parking garage because her feet hurt.  Nope…not happening.

This year we invited Haven’s buddy Audrey to the show.  Now Audrey is one of a triplet combination. Its Audrey and her two brother Brody and Colin (once known as ABC).  You can imagine that she would either be extremely girly or the opposite. She of course was the opposite.  When I picked the girls up from school, Audrey drilled me with questions, and I drilled back.  I asked her questions like, “Who is your favorite Disney princess?” Her response was none…. I thought, “uh oh”, but the one thing that I do know is that Disney would bring the magic and the WOW factor.

After dodging through the merchandising and food, I darted right for our seats.  I convinced the girls that we needed to get to our seats right away.  The merchandising areas are gold mines to a little girl.  Princess stuff + lights =a very very happy little girl.

But on to the show…. rather THE SHOW!  I love the format of Disney on Ice because it’s the Cliff Notes version of it’s Disney movies. I didn’t get to see Brave in theaters.  But also we haven’t seen The Little Mermaid in a while either, and could sing along to the classic soundtrack.  I kept checking in on the girls, to see reactions and they were all mesmerized as they ate their $12 cotton candy (No exaggeration on the cost,but the looks on their faces made it all worth it.)

I was really impressed with the costuming, but that’s nothing new either! Particularly the Beauty and the Beast set was very elaborate, and costuming was quite clever.

The challenging part is after intermission with kids.  Some begin to get tired and restless because it is past their bedtime, and past mine too!  Plus the sugar overload….you get the point.

It was a spectacular show, only Disney can bring. Just like Christmas, it’s only once a year, so you may as well splurge because it’s only a fraction of the cost to visit the theme parks!

I asked Audrey before bed, “Which was your favorite princess?”, and her reply was “the Brave princess!”  I thought, “SCORE!”

The stuff you need to know…..

  • Bring plenty of cash for parking, and to purchase items from your seat.
  • Look for discount codes for admission.
  • Try to ensure a nap for younger kids if they go to an evening show time.
  • Eat dinner before going to the venue, and just purchase treats once you get there.
  • Allow kids to wear costumes, it’s the culture!
  • It’s not just for girls, there are plenty of boys that attend.
  • Have sweaters on hand because the ice makes the arena cooler.
  • Before going to your seats, make everyone use the bathroom.  Even if they say they don’t have to go, make them try anyway!
  • There is a TON of Disney merchandise for sale….. beware. But here is a tip, they sell Disney grab bags for $5-$10 that has STUFF in it.  The kids will think they hit the mother load!


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