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poolNow that the closing ceremonies for the Olympics are complete, it usually leaves a new set of  kids that are now inspired to try something new. That’s what happen with Haven (8) during the 2012 Summer Olympics.  She watched the swimming and gymnastics, even after the Olympics were over! I noticed how intrigued she was, and took her to Augusta, Ga to meet my childhood bestie Kris, and her sister Olympic gold medalist Latasha Colander-Clark.

Haven has been swimming since the age of 6, and competitively for a year and a half.  Recently, we’ve gotten to the point of looking at other swim clubs.  There is so much to consider in the process! Some of the factors were:

1. How big is the team?

2. How many kids per lane?

3.  What are the credentials of the coaches?

4. How many levels?

5. The overall morality.

6. Training regiment

7. Diversity

8. COST!!!

9. College scholarship opportunity.

The list goes on….

The Gabby Douglas movie premiered a few weeks ago and Haven watched intensively.  Since Gabby moved gymnastic teams when she and her mom felt Gabby was not getting what she needed.  Haven asked me did I think it was time to move teams and I told her that we would pray and explore.  It’s amazing how it is so easy to get bogged down into what  is familiar.  Once we began to explore and pay attention to the other clubs and swimmers at swim meets, we began to realize there is much more out there than what we are being offered.

So after careful consideration, Haven will now swim for the Dynamo swim club!


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