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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Shellie Ward


My Friday Fives: Back To School Edition

This week has been a whirlwind trying to get back into the swing of things.  Here are my Back to School Friday Fives….


1.Time  Between drop off and pickup, I’ve got about 7 hours to do…my….thing . I usually reserve the mornings for SeeGoMama business. The afternoons I’m tying loose ends to make way for a smooth evening once the girls come home from swimming. The week leading to back to school was WORK! The girls had no camp, and sitting around the house all day doing chores and watching TV would have played on my conscious.  I mean, I’m SeeGoMama.  Between school and swimming being the main attraction, all I have to do is feed and bath them, oh yeah help with homework, and read to them, pray, and then send them to bed, and the day is done.

2. I control the remote control. During the school year, the girls’ schedule is very tight, so watching TV is usually reserved for the weekends….if there are no swim meets and golf practice. Sadly, I don’t get to watch much TV myself.   I may treat myself to “Hot Topics” on The Wendy Williams Show, but usually Spongebob or Dora is still on the tube while the girls are away.

3. No Entourage.  I can easily go in and out of stores without folks under 5 feet tall following me and asking for stuff along the way.  I just accept that I will be in those stores getting classroom items such as hand sanitizer, Lysol, notebooks, and pencils.  A lot of the items cost .50 and $1, but boy does it add up quickly!

4. Forms- If I have to fill out the girls’ name, address, and emergency contact information again, I am going to scream.  Next year I’m going to write “SAME AS LAST YEAR” on every document that comes my way!

5. Waking up at the crack of dawn. Going to bed when the sun hasn’t set.  This is the hardest adjustment for back to school, but what’s even more challenging is waking THEM up! The “snooze” button is quite inviting , however I can’t be the reason that they are late to school. So when that alarm goes off it’s up and Adam.  I believe in getting good rest, but when the sun hasn’t completely set, it’s difficult for them to go to sleep.


What are your BTS adjustments???


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