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My 1st Official Golf Mom Experience

This past Friday I switched my swim mom hat for my new shiny golf mom hat. For Haven’s last day of golf camp, her coach invited all of the girls to attend the Judson Collegiate & Legends Pro-Am Challenge at the Country Club of Roswell in Roswell, GA. I decided to attend the event with another golf parent to experience the day with our children.

Haven’s coach gave us instructions and I kind of read it…… Ok, I didn’t read it at all, and boy I paid dearly for it. I’ll get into that in a bit.

Once we parked, we hopped on a golf cart to the country club entrance and then realized that we left a ticket in the car.  We went back to the car to get the ticket and we still needed to purchase another ticket. After the tickets were in hand and ready to go, we all went to the restrooms before we hit the course.  (I’d rather use the bathroom than a port-a-potty, even if it’s at a country club!)

As we entered the golf course, Coach Lott (Haven’s coach), checked the pairings for the day…..(I was lost from the jump…pairings??) Friday’s event was called what they call a “shotgun”, where golfers are grouped together in teams and compete.  In this competition, there was (1) collegiate player, (1) Legends player, and 2-3 amateurs players per team.

She informed us that we would be following Mariah Stackhouse, a freshman from Stanford University.  She is African-American and was noted as possibly becoming the next big thing in golf! She won over 100 tournaments before even arriving to Stamford.  Pretty remarkable, huh?

It dawned on me that we never turned in our tickets.  I asked someone, why didn’t anyone collect our tickets? She said that the golf world operates on ethics.  I thought to myself, are you kidding me, we could have walked in without paying for a ticket?? Trust me the angel and devil on my shoulders debated and contemplated this code, and well the angel won out….. I like the idea of teaching trust, integrity, and honor. However, if I could slip into a Beyonce concert, not pay and nobody know…..well maybe being part of the golf world will change my mind set.

One of our campers was bent over with a tummy ache and I just happen to be the adult to notice it.  She said she her tummy hurt and needed to go to the restroom.  I walked her back to the clubhouse, because I couldn’t let that baby use a port-a-potty to handle THAT kind of business. After she finished, I had her drink some water, and we headed back to find the group.  I texted another parent to find out which hole they were located.  He said the 14th hole…….we were at the 7th hole at this point!

It was hot and I had on DENIM! It took us an hour to catch up with the group!!!!! I learned a hard lesson on golf attire, because my jeans were stuck to me, which made it hard to move! OH I GET WHY EVERY BODY, including spectators wear golf attire!!!

I finally got to watch Mariah Stackhouse do her thing, and she was amazing! She seemed so confident and cool.  Her father was there as well, and you could tell he is so proud of his offspring.

The sun was blazing, the girls were hot and tired, and we needed back to Atlanta before Friday traffic began.  The PGA Superstore gave the girls $20 gift cards, so we made a stop at the location in Roswell.  Although $20 doesn’t get you much in the golf world, just hanging out in the store was an experience.  There were interactive things to do, from putting, to golf swing critique.

My mouth dropped as I looked at the prices on some of the items, like a $3000 golf club, ONE CLUB…..REALLY? I wonder do you put insurance on golf equipment, because that is INSANE!

Haven chose a golf shirt which would have cost $29, but only cost me $10 with the gift card.

We missed the window of avoiding traffic, and it took us an hour to get back to Charlie Yates Golf Course (Haven’s home course).

So now that my golf “cherry” experience has been popped, I now know what to wear, how to pack, and Mariah Stackhouse has a new fan that will be following her career!

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