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MLK Day in Atlanta

Leading up to Martin Luther King Day, I made plans that involved service for the girls.  Unfortunately, I was hit with a sinus infection over the weekend, and was drained from Haven’s swim meet that took place both Saturday and Sunday.  (The smell of the chlorine irritated my sinuses even more.)  Haven had her BFF swim pal, Ryan, over for a sleepover.  I was determined the girls had to do something to commemorate Dr. King.

I let everybody sleep in (Haven and Ryan swam their little hearts out the entire weekend.)  I set up bowls and cereal, before I went to bed so that when they woke up in the morning, they could help themselves to breakfast. I also drugged myself with sinus meds so that I could sleep off the sinus infection.

When I woke up (around 8:30am) the girls had already eaten and were entertaining themselves until they heard the walking dead….that would be me.  They were dying to go somewhere, anywhere!  I let the girls vote on community service or Imagine It Children’s Museum.  I’m sure you know what they chose.

The girls darted in the museum and I kept my tissue and hand sanitizer close by.  As the girls made the rounds through each section of the museum,there was an announcement that an MLK presentation was in the back theater in 5 minutes.  I rounded the girls and MADE them go back there.  (I felt like I could check the box of ensuring the girls did something related to MLK Day.)

The performer read an exerpt from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Then they asked the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Dr King. When they played the Stevie Wonder version, it warmed my heart.  They asked everybody to hold hands and dance. It brought tears to my eyes because there really were white and black boys and girls, and parents for that matter, holding hands. It was beautiful.

The girls may not understand now, I didn’t when I was young, but once upon a time, this was unheard of.

The reminder for me is that you can dream the impossible, and it can become possible…..

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