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Medieval Times 2017

Between school, work, golf, swim, and now track we are always on the grind.  Spring Break is our time to play. The weather is consistently warm and we visit our favorite attractions around town.  This year, our annual visit to Medieval Times fell on Haven’s 12th birthday! As always, there is some obstacle we must figure out to make it all come together, and today was no exception. Medieval Times waits for no one! So Harley missed her last track event, and we made a mad dash from her track meet across town to the castle, hence Harley’s outfit….

We made it in time, and we were assigned to the Yellow knight. We feasted barbarian style (no utensils) on dragon (chicken), potato, dragon blood (tomato soup), corn on the cob, and dessertThe girls’ goal always is to get the attention of their knight and score a flower from him.  Mission accomplished!

Medieval Times is always a blast with the family, with friends, there was even a girl scout troop, and a SWEET 16 party! So while the pollen count is at a gazillion, Medieval Times is a great place to hang out! While our knight didn’t win, we managed to forgive him and take photos. Harley was sure he would remember her, (1) because of her beauty (her words), and (2) because she was cheering screaming the loudest (my words).

Medieval is offering a discounted rate: Adults $37.95, Kids & Students $29.95 with the code SB17BLOG.


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