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Knight Training: Medieval Times

One of Haven’s favorite attractions OTP (outside the perimeter) is Medieval Times, so when Medieval Times contacted me and asked if I wanted to review the “knight training” clinic, I hopped right on it! I also combined it as part of Haven’s birthday festivities. Since the doors opened at 4:15, I got the kids out of school early so that we could make it up 85 North with the least amount of traffic.

Once we arrived, we were assigned the knight we were cheering for…..which was the red and yellow knight and “knight training” badges. (Only the first 100 kids get admittance) We walked the red carpet and had a photo opp with the king.   The kids were led onto the grounds were the performances are held.  Parents had to sit in the stands.  Harley looked very nervous, and Haven was ecstatic. (I really think she lived during this time period in another life because she was very comfortable.)

The king welcomed the children (dramatic smoke and all) and introduced the knight trainer.  Each row had other knights and squires on hand to demonstrate and work with the children.

“Un- guard!!”

Haven followed close to directions.  Harley…..not so much.  (Perhaps if they had princess diva training she would be all over it! She wasn’t born on Beyonce’s birthday by accident!)

After they learned their “moves”, all the children took a knee and were officially knighted….including Harley.

We were led back out into the lobby and waited for to be seated for the actual show.

Once we were seated we purchased flags to represent for our knight. Harley was scoping out the knights and had her eye on the Blue knight.  I had to school her on loyalty! WE ONLY ROOT FOR THE RED AND YELLOW KNIGHT! Haven is one of the luckiest people I know.  She always wins stuff, but this times Harley scored a rose thrown by our knight! From that point on the Blue knight didn’t have a chance.  The knights threw out another round of flowers and BAM Haven caught one!

Earlier I mentioned how I thought Haven may have lived during this time period…..well even down to the food, lack of utensils, she was in hog heaven.  She is a swimmer and eats a lot for her size, but it burns off quickly.  She ate her bowl of tomato soup, as well as my bowl, and some of her sister’s.  She ate my garlic bread, and hers. AND dragon (chicken), spare ribs, potato, and dessert with no utensils of course. When the show was over she made a dash for the bathroom because when you inhale that much soup, well it goes through fairly quickly…

Now our knight made it to the final round but was defeated by the black and white knight….Although our knight didn’t win, we still had a fantastic time, and the knight training….that goes into the #EPIC bucket!!


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