Who is SeeGoMama???

It’s my kid’s world and I live in it…… sort of.

I tend to think that I am developing their world by exposing them to as much as possible. I’m Shellie Ward and I’m the mother of 2 beautiful daughters Haven and Harley, also known as H2Whoa!   I consider myself the jack of all trade and the master of none.  I love to travel, surf the net, create stuff, and most of all raise my kids!

After being laid off from corporate America in 2008, I’ve been home raising my daughters and coming up with ways of simplifying being adventurous, while hanging out with kids….if that’s possible.  I love to explore and then tell folks all about what I would do differently.  I realized that I was good at it!

Exposing my kids is my passion. I believe that education is not just the responsibility of teachers.  Hanging out with your children is so beneficial on so many levels. When you can experience, feel, see, or touch it, your kids are more likely to remember or better understand. The quality time spent together will create a lifetime of memories!

I’ve worked for a few top notched companies such as Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein so I have high expectations when it comes to quality products.  I am also alumnae of the Walt Disney World College Program.  This is where I learned about what superior customer service is about, and honestly no other company I’ve worked for can touch it….well I take that back, Nordstroms

Life is about living so let’s live it!


About SeeGoMama.com

Where to go, what to do, what to use, while you’re here……with kids!  That pretty much sums up about what I blog is about.

SeeGoMama.com is a source for tips on what to expect and optimize your excursions with kids. Here you’ll find things to do, places to go, and find cool products to use while you’re out and about.  The ultimate goal is to give you tips on where to go but also how to do it better!

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